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Far Afield is committed to collecting and sharing publications that support experimental art practices.



Do It: The Compendium, by Hans Ulrich Obrist

Exploring experimental curatorial strategies, twelve artists contribute instruction-based artworks.

Published by Independent Curators International, 2013. 


The Weather from the West, poems by Sheila Peters and paintings by Perry Rath

Poems and paintings that reflect on the histories and experiences living in British Columbia's Bulkley Valley. 

Published by Creekstone press. 2007.


Giscome Road, by C.S. Giscombe

Concerned with specific locales in northern Canada named for the 19th-century Jamaican miner and explorer John Robert Giscome, the volume incorporates a variety of historical documents, maps, and dreams that explore music, racial dichotomies, sexuality, and the ways in which landscape itself is described.

Published by Dalkey Archive Press, 1998. 


Hidden City, by Jeremy Stewart

A suite of poems that drive the question: "How does a place get in your bones?" Voices of a journey that unassumingly pass through bedrooms, refrigerators, empty barns and the 7-Eleven. Winner of the 2014 Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry.

Published by Snare Publishing. 2014. 


El Robo del Año, Ulises Carrión

Writer and poet Ulises Carrión was a polymath writer, poet, visual artist and publisher. Carrión laid the groundwork for the acceptance of the artist book as a genre, and was influentially involved in the mail art movement. Exhibited in 1982, El Robo del Año "involved the mounting of a diamond" as a work of art. This book, broken into the sections "Photo documentation of the public's reactions", "Crime scene reconstruction", "Third reading of the case", are conveyed by expert and sworn interpreters. 

Published by Alias. 2013. 


The Faraway Nearby, by Rebecca Solnit

The relationship between telling stories as a cultural practice, in an approximation of closeness or distance. A paralleled prose, that continues to unfold out of itself. 

Published by Penguin Books. 2013. 


Austere Gardens: Thoughts on Landscape, Restraint, & Attending, by Marc Treib

Exploring different ways to engage with the landscape through observation and sensitivity, this book offers a mediation on landscape. Digging, piling, adding, subtracting, tracing, the void and the devoid all become fields of observation. Dull spaces are revisited. 

Published by ORO Editions. 2016.