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Far Afield is committed to collecting and sharing publications that support experimental art practices.

Catalogues & Artist Books


Fair Secrets, by Lexie Owen

This artist book was created with artist Lexie Owen in collaboration with the Agassiz Fall Fair and Corn Festival. During the 2018 fair, exhibitors, visitors, and volunteers submitted a variety of secrets — from prized recipes, to family know-how, to personal sentiments. The practical, thoughtful, and sometimes humorous accounts reveal the storied labour that is involved in fields like agriculture, horticulture, or the domestic arts.

Published by Far Afield as part of the Touchstones series, 2018.


Marlene Creates: Places, Paths, and Pauses, edited by Susan Gibson Garvey and Andrea Kunard

An exhibition catalogue of Creates' touring retrospective, Places, Paths, and Pauses. A comprehensive look at four decades of the artist's work. In addition to several curatorial essays, this book includes an essay on Create's' work by acclaimed nature writer Robert Macfarlane.

Published by Goose Lane Editions and Beaverbrook Art Gallery, 2017.


Marlene Creates: Signs of Our Times, edited by Robin Metcalfe

Catalogue of an exhibition at Saint Mary's University Art Gallery, including a text on Creates' work by Lucy Lippard entitled, "Coming and Going."

Published by Saint Mary's University Art Gallery, 2005.


Marlene Creates: Places of Presence, by Marlene Creates

An artist book detailing Creates' work Places of Presence: Newfoundland Kin and Ancestral Land from 1989-1991. Includes an artist statement and detailed images of the memory maps, text, and photographs related to the project. 

Published by Killick Press, 1997.


Marlene Creates: Language and Land Use, Newfoundland 1994, edited by Ingrid Jenkner

An exhibition catalogue coinciding with the presentation of Creates' work at Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery. Detailed documentation of Creates' artworks, with accompanying essays by Ingrid Jenkner.

Published by Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, 1994.


Marlene Creates: Language and Land Use, Alberta 1993, by Marlene Creates

An exhibition catalogue coinciding with the presentation of Creates' work at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery. A detailed account of the artist's work, including an documentation of the exhibition.

Published by Southern Alberta Art Gallery, 1993.


Marlene Creates: Landworks 1979-1991, edited by Patricia Grattan

Exhibition catalogue coinciding with the presentation of Creates work at the Art Gallery of Memorial University in Newfoundland.

Published by Memorial University, 1992.


How to Imitate the Sound of the Shore Using Two Hands and a Carpet, by Cevdet Erek

A how-to manual complete with diagrams and images that allow for the recreation of the sound of the shore using memory and other tools. 

Published by Sternberg Press and Kayfa, 2017.


(Convictions) How I am Queer Because I got Hetero-Married to my Gay Friend, by Catherine de Montreuil

Anecdotes of events related to the artist's 2014 artwork, Marriage Experiment (in collaboration with Aidan Whiteley). An intimate account of the strangeness of the commitment de Montreuil made to another person for the sake of artistic and political interrogation. 

Published by Publication Studio, 2016.


Every Public Building & Some People in Bruno SK circa 2011, by Tyler Brett

Bruno Saskatchewan is a town of roughly six hundred people located about one hour east of Saskatoon. In addition to all of the public service and amenity buildings, the drawings in this book document every one of the town of Bruno’s shops as they existed in 2011.

Published by Publication Studio, 2016.


SHE ___ THE ___, by Jamey Braden

Using automatic writing from the feminist unconcious, Jamey Braden creates pointed statements that nevertheless admit a measure of ambiguity. The result is text-based works that simultaneously confront, confound, implicate, and involve the viewer.

Published by Publication Studio, 2017.


Receding Agate and Receding Rhodochrosite, by Becky Forsythe and Camila Sposati

A two-part bookwork created through a procedural performance by Becky Forsythe and Camila Sposati at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. 

Self-published, bound by Far Afield, 2017.


Under Starry Skies, by Liz Ryan

A community builds a fence on the outskirts of Limerick City, in a guerrilla-style takeover of land that has been stymied by bureaucratic spatial policies. Text and documentation of the fence explore the creative interplay of space and material. 

Published by A.C.A. PUBLIC, Askeaton Contemporary Arts, 2017.


Stone Theatre, by Camila Sposati

Sposati's art practice investigates transformation and energy processes that simultaneously address microscopic and global scales; such as the growth of crystals in laboratories and the geological effects on the Earth's crust on different sites. A provocative extension of the artist's Teatro Anatômico (Earth Anatomical Theatre), presented at the third Bahia Biennale.  

Published by Revolver Publishing, 2016.


The World Upside Down, by Richard William Hill

The world upside down, as visualized by artists, is one in which the symbolic order is turned on its head. This publication of a group exhibition surveys the strategy of symbolic inversion used by contemporary artists, while also providing historical context on Western and Indigenous North American traditions of inversion. What happens when a cannon is shot upside down?

Published by Walter Phillips Gallery, 2008.


Keith Langergraber: Theatre of the Exploding Sun, by Liz Wylie, Charlotte Townsend-Gault, Peter Morin and Ryan Doherty

The focus of this first career monograph is on Langergraber's three-part film entitled Time Traveller Trilogy. The first film, The Theatre of the Exploding Sun, centres around the artist's alter ego Eton Corrasable making a science fiction fan film that transports him to Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty on Great Salt Lake in Utah. In the second film Eton shoots a fan film based on the novel and film by Andrei Tarkovsky Solaris. The third film explores Dr Who fandom and Robert Smithson's never realized Glass Island project. 

Published by Kelowna Art Gallery, 2013.


Falling into Place, by Heather and Ivan Morison

In recent works, Heather and Ivan Morison have explored the currency of shelter and the escape vehicle – things that can either transport you physically or mentally away from the here and now and help avoid, or offer refuge, from future disaster. 

Published by Bookworks and Situations, University of the West of England, 2009. 


Sarah Browne: How to Use Fool's Gold, edited by Nigel Prince

Using ‘the economy’ as the basis for her artistic practice, Browne works with small communities of people, documenting resourceful forms of exchange such as gifting, subsistence, poaching and subsidies, to reveal the hidden social relations that exist in small-scale economic structures.

Published by Ikon Gallery, 2012.


Fernando Ortega, SAM Art Projects

A catalogue on the work of artist, Fernando Ortega, on the occasion of his exhibition Fruite/Leak at the Palais de Tokyo. Includes a wonderful essay, "The flight of a fly in negative space" by Marc-Olivier Wahler.

Published by SAM Art Collections, 2012.


For the Birds, by Sean Lynch & Tom Fitzgerald

Exhibition catalogue for Sean Lynch's work, For the Birds (2014), a recorded performance within the context of a large-scale, collaborative installation. A lovely publication with some excellent images of cows looking at sculpture, and bare feet stepping in the muck. 

Published by VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow, 2015. 


Grow: DIY Manual, edited by Holly Schmidt

A Farmer's Almanac version of an exhibition catalogue for Holly Schmidt's Grow DIY. A mix of practical instructions for compostable planters, simple recipes, a background on the context of the project, and a conversation on emergent artistic practices. with contributions from Barbara Cole, Randy Lee Cutler, Alexander McNaughton, and Magnolia Parker.

Published by Other Sights for Artists' Projects, 2014.


Lost Illusions: Recent Landscape Art, edited by Denise Oleksijczuk.

An exhibition catalogue featuring works by Renee Green, Hachivi Edgar Heap of Birds, John Miller, Eleanor Bond, Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, Jeff Wall, Rasheed Araeen, Rodney Graham, and Deborah Bright.

Published by Vancouver Art Gallery, 1991.


Germaine Koh: Fallow, edited by Cate Rimmer and Kathy Slade

Documentation of Germaine Koh’s large-scale installation work titled Fallow. Vegetation and soil from a vacant lot are transplanted into the "neutral" white-cube space of the Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver. A descriptive account of what begins to bloom, from smells to bugs, offered by the Curator of the exhibition, Cate Rimmer. 

Published by ECU Press and Charles H. Scott Gallery, 2012.


Digital Natives, edited by Lorna Brown and Clint Burnham

Documentation of "Digital Natives," a public art project that took place in April, 2011 near the Burrard Street Bridge on a Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Nation billboard. Susan Roy provides a history of the Kitsilano Indian Reserve, and how what was once a space that was frequently traversed by Coast Salish peoples, has been fragmented and divided over time. Other contributions also from Barbara Cole, Clint Burnham, Lorna Brown, Candice Hopkins and Susan Roy. 

Published by Other Sights for Artists' Projects, 2011.