Mail Correspondence

A large part of Far Afield's outreach and operations is correspondence through mail. As there is no permanent brick-and-mortar location for the project, circulation of ideas, texts, projects, and exhibitions will happen principally through postal and email services. 

Inquiries into where to address letters can be made through Far Afield's contact form. When sending mail through the post, please be sure to provide a return address.  

The Requests 

Any questions related to experimental art practices can be addressed to Far Afield. An effort will be made to respond to these inquiries in a timely matter, and in circumstances where a response is difficult or impossible to prepare, there will be an opportunity for the question to be anonymously shared and responded to through the blog.  

The Library

The Library resources are an integral component of Far Afield, and the material will be sent back and forth either via email or posted mail. To request to borrow an item for free, all that is required is to ask. Borrowed material should be returned in as timely a matter as possible, although there are no limits to how long something can be taken out. If a request is made to borrow a material that is already in use, the borrower will be notified that there is someone waiting. The borrower can have the option to either send the material back to Far Afield, or simply forward it to the next person in line.  

To donate a publication to the library, please provide at least one [1] copy of the material if a printed publication, or an electronic pdf. 

The Directory

All emails and addresses will be kept strictly confidential.

Signing up to the newsletter will allow you to be privately added to Far Afield's directory. The newsletter will provide a two-way flow of information. Projects, thoughts, conversations and initiatives made by Far Afield will be sent out through the newsletter; but it will also primarily be a tool for artists to circulate information about their own initiatives, upcoming exhibitions, calls, projects and events. 

Submissions to the newsletter can be made by contacting Far Afield.