Tobias Ewé presenting a speculative talk, “The Heat Death of the Nonsense Verse.” June 4, 2019.

Elia Vargas. Oil Ontologies. 2017. PLA 3D printer filament and “Crudoleum” 100% Pennsylvania crude oil scalp treatment.


Stephanie LeMenager in conversation with Caitlin Chaisson. June 10, 2019.

Laurie White presenting a talk, “Polyphonic Assemblage: A Musical Toolkit for Ecological Perception.” June 17, 2019.


Jean Routhier. Anecdotes. 2019. One-person, fifteen minute soundwalks led through the surrounding neighbourhood.

Screening of films by Ursula Biemann, Jayce Salloum, and Paul Wong. July 2, 2019. [Left] Paul Wong. Scorched. 2010. Still from video. 9 minutes. [Centre] Ursula Biemann. Deep Weather. 2013. Still from video essay. 9 minutes. [Right] Jayce Salloum. untitled part 4: terra (in)cognita. 2005. Still from video. 37 minutes. Images courtesy of VTape.

Renée Reizman. Greetings from Summerland. 2019. Mail art project.

Zine launch of World Seed Banks (2019) and and no birds sing (2019) by Charisma Christal Thomas. July 11, 2019.

Charisma Christal Thomas. and no birds sing. 2019. Self-published illustrated zine on the impacts of climate change on migratory birds.

Curtis Grahauer. Giant’s Head, 2067. 2019. 16 mm black and white film, sound. Music by Stephen Carl O’Shea. 5 min: 22 sec. Premiere screening in the PLOT space. July 18, 2019.

Artist Renée Reizman presenting a talk on pictorial postmarks, followed by a workshop, in the PLOT space. July 18, 2019.

Bitumen sample in a plastic bag provided by Ruth Beer for display in the PLOT space.

Elia Vargas’ crude oil hair washing performance and speculative talk in the PLOT space. July 27, 2019.