"Some People Plough Their Fields" / by Caitlin Chaisson

Artist Bill Horne was able to raise $600.00 with his artwork, Stakes in the Peace, which will be donated to the Yellow Stake Campaign. One hundred per cent of the funds go directly towards supporting Prophet River and West Moberly First Nations legal challenge to protect the Peace River Valley. 

May, 2017. Video by Denis Gutiérrez-Ogrinc. 

Horne's Stakes in the Peace (2017) is a 15-inch by 48-inch terracotta replica of the field of solidarity in the Peace Valley. Over the course of the sixteen-day exhibition, Horne collected donations from across the country, both online and in the gallery. With each five dollar donation, a miniature stake was planted in the terracotta replica, or taken home by the visitor to place in their own gardens, planters, or terrariums.  

Over the course of the exhibition, the terracotta field transformed dramatically. The wet and supple clay which you can see being "ploughed" by Horne in the video, slowly began to dry out as the month came to a close. The water gradually began to disappear from the field, and in doing so, each stake became more fully secured. As the terracotta dried and shrunk away from the edges of the frame, it began to hug each stake more closely, rooting each marker into the clay.

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