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Far Afield is committed to collecting and sharing publications that support experimental art practices.



Wasp Paper, by Annerose Georgeson

A zine filled with experimental drawings and collage. 



Mandalas, by Annerose Georgeson

Experimental drawings and fragments of text in this zine by Vanderhoof-based artist, Annerose Georgeson.



Bunnies and the Moon, by Annerose Georgeson

A short zine about two bunny friends, and the moon. Graphite and ballpoint pen drawings by Annerose Georgeson.



High Iron, No. 14, edited by Brett Enemark and illustrated by Vicky Margesson

A compilation of short prose and poetry of sweet things: maple trees to honey. Edited by Prince George-based poet Brett Enemark. Also includes writing by Daphne Marlatt, George Bowering, Claire Standard, Stan Persky, Gladys Hindmarch, Robert Rose, Zonko, and Sharon Fawcett. 

Printed at Simon Fraser University. circ. 1975 (?)


Dreamland (Issues II, IX, and XI)

A Prince George-based magazine featuring poetry, prose and visual art from around Canada and beyond. An international collection of outstanding experimental writing practices. 

Published by Jeremy Stewart, Dreamland School of the Arts. 


In Loving Memory of the Working Papers of the Institute for the Study of Advanced Poetic Research: Chapbook of Casse-Tête, A Festival of Experimental Music, edited by Nikki Reimer and Jonathon Wilcke

"Why would you drop a perfectly good set of assumptions?" is a perfectly good question that sardonically resonates throughout the book. As outlined in the title, the poetic sketches marked out in the working papers respond to the 2014 experimental music festival, including the dropping of a piano.  

Published by Jeremy Stewart, Green Milk Creative Umbrella. 2015.